Dual purpose garden waterproof lawn lamp

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The Dual purpose garden waterproof lawn lamp is an independent solar power generation system. It can independently complete the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy.

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The solar lawn light for garden is an independent solar power generation system. It can independently complete the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy, and can convert electrical energy into thermal energy for lighting and decoration without the need for wire transmission. Even on cloudy days, this solar generator (solar panel) can collect and store solar energy. Its main system components are photovoltaic power generation system and power supply system.


Photovoltaic system

An independent photovoltaic system generally consists of three parts: solar cell components; charge and discharge controllers, inverters, test instruments and computer monitoring and other power electronic equipment and batteries or other energy storage and auxiliary power generation equipment.


Power supply system

The photovoltaic power generation system has the following characteristics: no rotating parts, no noise; no air pollution, no waste water discharge; no combustion process, no need for fuel; simple maintenance and low maintenance costs; good operational reliability and stability; It is easy to expand the scale of power generation.



long life

Solar lawn light for garden is a small solar powered system. Its structure is very simple and mainly consists of solar panels, charge and discharge controllers, batteries, lighting circuits and light poles.



At present, most lawn lamps use LED as the light source. The LED has a long lifespan, which can reach more than 100,000 hours, and has a low operating voltage, which is very suitable for use in solar lawn lamps. In particular, LED technology has made a key breakthrough, and its characteristics have been greatly improved in the past five years, and its performance-price ratio has also been relatively high.



The LED is powered by low-voltage DC, and its light source control cost is low, making it possible to adjust the light and dark, and frequent switching, and will not have an adverse effect on the performance of the LED.

The design method of solar lawn light source and power system has developed rapidly in recent years due to the unique advantages of solar lawn light for garden. The lawn lamp has low power and is mainly used for decoration purposes. It has high requirements for mobility, difficult circuit laying, and high waterproof requirements.


Name solar lawn light for garden
Solar panels 2V 250mA Monocrystalline Silicon Laminate
Light source 50LED
Protection class IP65
Material ABS+PC
Switch toggle switch
Function Intelligent light control
Charging time 6H
Operating hours 8-10H
Voltage 3.7V
Rated power 2.4W
Battery 1.2V AAA 1600MAh Ni-MH
Life 50000H
Package 54 a box
Product Size 105*105*470mm
Box size 10*95*190mm
Carton size 590*525*400mm
Product Weight 0.2kg(without packaging)
Product gross weight 0.3kg(including packaging)
Packing net weight 11kg(excluding outer box)
Gross packing weight 16.3kg(including outer box)

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